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Posted on: January 16, 2019

Are You a Bad Weather Driving Pro?

Driving in Bad weather

Rain, snow, ice, fog, smoke and wind can make driving hazardous and increase your risk of being involved in accidents. Planning ahead, taking precautions and understanding the risks is important. Follow these tips to help keep you, your passengers and other motorists safe when weather conditions make driving difficult.


Rain is the most common adverse weather condition. Despite this, drivers often overlook the dangers of driving in rain – slippery roads, wet brakes, reduced visibility and traffic congestion. Try reducing your speed, increasing your following distance and turning on your headlights.

Watch for pooling water on the road. Hydroplaning can occur when tires ride on a thin layer of water. Your speed, amount of water on the roadway, tire tread depth, tire air pressure and road surface affect your risk of hydroplaning. This can happen when driving as slow as 30 mph.

IceDriving on icy road

When freezing temperatures are expected, be prepared for ice.

  • Slow down to a safe speed; a crawl even, if roads are icy
  • Accelerate, brake and turn gently; look far ahead for potential hazards
  • Allow extra time to reach your destination
  • Watch for less experienced drivers

Ice and freezing rain are the most hazardous conditions, with glare ice possibly being the most dangerous.Driving on GLARE ice


  • Wet roads can become icy when temperatures fall below freezing.
  • Melting snow and ice can refreeze at night when temperatures drop.
  • Expect ice to form more quickly on bridges, overpasses and shaded areas.
  • Moisture from vehicle exhaust systems can cause “black ice” to form, especially at intersections.
  • Ice accumulation on mirrors, antennas and road signs means ice could form on the roadway.
  • A lack of water spray from other vehicles is another indication water is freezing.

Driving defensively is always important, but it becomes critical during challenging weather conditions. Remember to: Plan ahead, Slow down, Watch for other motorists and Find a safe place to park and if necessary.

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