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Posted on: August 22, 2018

Filing Your Hospital GAP Claims Just Got Easier!

GAP Insurance Money

American Fidelity (AF) Hospital GAP claims can now be filed online or with the AFmobile app! Reduce your claim processing time and receive your money faster. Not only can you can file your claims online, you can also check claim status, sign up for notifications, update personal information, enroll in direct deposit, view your detailed policy and much more! Log onto or download the AFmobile app to your Android or iPhone.

Hospital GAP reimburses you in three different ways:

  • In-Hospital
    The in-hospital benefit is payable for covered out-of-pocket expenses up to the maximum benefit elected ($500, $1000 or $1500) for an overnight hospital stay due to injury or sickness.
  • Outpatient
    The outpatient benefit is payable for the out-of-pocket covered charges up to a maximum outpatient benefit of $200. This includes Outpatient treatment in a hospital emergency room, outpatient surgery in a hospital outpatient facility or free-standing outpatient surgery center and diagnostic testing in a hospital outpatient facility or MRI facility. All benefits for the same or related conditions will be subject to the maximum outpatient benefit, unless such conditions are separated by 90-consecutive days in which a new maximum outpatient benefit will apply.
  • Physician Outpatient TreatmentGAP insuranceThe physician outpatient treatment benefit is payable for physician visits. This benefit pays $25 per visit for up to five visits ($125) per family each calendar year. It’s for outpatient treatment due to sickness or outpatient emergency care for an injury due to an accident treated at a hospital outpatient clinic, free-standing emergency care clinic or physician’s office for out-of-pocket covered charges.

Did you know you can submit claims as far back as you have been enrolled in the Hospital GAP plan? If you didn’t filed a claim at the time you received medical care, it’s not too late to submit your GAP claim. Don’t leave your money on the table! 

For more information, contact the HR Benefits team at or 972-941-7115.

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Click here for the American Fidelity Hospital GAP Claim Form

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