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  1. The Power of Breakfast
    Breakfast comes from the saying, “to break one’s fast”. It’s easy, though, to find reasons to skip breakfast—we overslept, we aren’t hungry, we are in a hurry, we’re late, or we just 
    aren’t a “breakfast eater”. Here are some reasons to not skip breakfast:

    • Breakfast eaters tend to be healthier. Starting the day off with a balanced meal allows more nutrients to be consumed, with more nutrients comes an improved immune system, more manageable stress levels and a faster metabolism.
    • Eating breakfast also helps with weight maintenance. Typically, eating a meal within one hour of waking will help the body utilize the calories consumed for energy or fuel. We get a metabolism boost from this and will have more energy throughout the day. When one skips breakfast, the body will hold onto these calories because it is unsure the next time a meal will be consumed. Weight management is more difficult to sustain and can often lead to overeating later in the day.  

  2. Colonoscopy! Get your Free Colonoscopy!
    Did you know the City covers one colonoscopy per year if you are enrolled in the medical plan?  This includes physician, facility, anesthesia, and pathologist fees, at no cost to you, regardless of age or any prior diagnosis. However, you will be charged a copay for colonoscopy prep kits, which may include a prescription at the pharmacy and post-colonoscopy examinations. If you receive a bill for your colonoscopy or anesthesia, please contact Compass representative for resolution at jordan.white@compassphs.com or 800-513-1667 ext. 475. 

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  1. Mon Oct. 21

    New Employee Orientation - PD1601 (CITY OF PLANO EMPLOYEES ONLY) Please arrive by 8:00 AM. When participants complete this session, they should feel comfortable with their understanding of the culture of the City of Plano and how they fit within that culture. The class will explore the expectations that the City has of its employees and in turn what the employees should expect of their employment experience.
  2. Mon Oct. 21

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